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Is Website Hosting Important To You?

The most important thing to consider after your Website design, is who is going to host your Website.

We believe you should put your Website in the care of those who created it, because we are better able to help you control the critical elements of your Website.

We believe so strongly in this that our innovative pricing system includes our Web hosting services at a low annual cost.

Ask us about other no hassle ways we can give you remote access and email services when you aren’t close to your computer.

Contact us today to get a no-obligation quote for your Web design project.

Cloud Sites is a Great Hosting Platform for:

  • Sites and blogs running WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, DotNetNuke, etc.
  • Sites running OSCommerce, ZenCart, ASP.NET Store Front…
  • Brochure and static HTML sites
  • Marketing and promotional campaign sites
  • Websites that use Windows, Linux or both
  • Around-the-clock Fanatical Support

How it Works

We Upload Your Website To The Cloud

We can can create a new Rackspace Cloud powered site in less than five minutes. Load balancing, clustering, and redundant storage are all inherited automatically, without any effort.

Scaling Happens Automatically

Right from the second your Website is uploaded to Rackspace Cloud Sites, your site is hosted on advanced clustered cloud computing technology designed for high-performance. When your site outgrows what’s included, you pay inexpensive scale pricing for exactly what you use on the cloud and nothing more.

Cloud Computing Built on Industry Standards

Many of the new cloud hosting platforms require that you use custom code and architecture. Cloud Sites is designed to run applications with very little (if any) modification. Cloud Sites is a powerful hosting platform built on existing Web standards and powered by proven technology that you know, trust, and use regularly. You get the benefits of a scalable cloud platform without having to invest in custom coding APIs or data schemas. Cloud Sites gets you on the Cloud quickly, easily, and with lots of room to grow.

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