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What’s in a logo design?

It’s an important element of your whole image that creates the emotional tug at your visitors, prospects and customers. And marketing studies tell us this is a very significant part of the impression the public takes away from their first impression of your company or organization. So, it’s paramount to make that impression stand out.

Your logo tells people on a near sub-conscious level, whether or not you are a professional. It’s emotional, and that means it sticks. It is who you are. What you are.

The worth and value of having a logo that immediately says professionalism and credibility to anyone who sees it cannot be over-rated. It differentiates you from your competitors and creates a powerful memory in the minds of your potential and current customers.

Memory is the key. Emotion creates memory, and memory enables recognition on a sub-conscious level. That is incredibly important for someone looking for you but can’t recall your exact name.

Large businesses, major marketers, national and international companies go to considerable lengths and not to mention expenses to have a logo that makes a statement about their company and products. They know that a powerful logo or brand symbol is one of the greatest devices for evoking memory and recall of their product.

And the better it matches your mission and product or service the greater the return on your investment for getting and keeping customers.

Please take a look at some samples of logos here and decide whether you think they would make a difference to you, if you were looking for credibility.

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