Website Development Process

To develop your Website, we must go through a process of understanding your business offerings and determining with you the product or service attributes, benefits and general points of distinction that help to sell it. Every business or service organization has details and subtle differences that make it unique. This is what we will help you identify and draw out.

The identification of these unique properties is the first thing. Then we work to structure the flow of information about your company or organization, about your product or service so we can successfully generate the interest and emotion in a sequence that’s logical to your prospect’s need to find information and make a buying decision. Careful planning must be done at this phase and we will spend the time with you for your direct input and our own creative abilities and Internet sales experience to fully determine your needs.

Wehrenberg Design’s customer service, pricing and mediating need for performance is unusual and uncommon in the industry. Our unique pricing structure means you don’t pay for everything all at once. And this enables us to stay at your side providing on-going, reliable support and maintenance to keep your Website up to date and responsive to every market need you encounter.

Website Design & Development

As soon as the Website design document has been completed, Wehrenberg Design Company will complete an initial design, which we will review with you. You can make changes, additions or deletions as you wish, and we may have some additional professional advice we feel will lend itself to stronger selling points or easier customer navigation and so on.

At this point, we will request that you provide us with the content for your Website. The content will then be added to your site and will then be tested for functionality. With your final approval your site will then be launched.

Website Maintenance

Actually, the real work begins after your Website has been launched. Again, our unique pricing for our service comes into play. We know that in order to keep visitors coming back, you must keep your Website’s content fresh and up-to-date. Wehrenberg Design Company is already there with you for this constant and consistent maintenance need.

Our all-inclusive maintenance package due to our unique method of pricing allows you the peace of mind to know that when you need your Website updated, it will be done in a professional and timely manner. You won’t be left on your own to find someone to do it when they can get around to it.

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